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Imitator Invaders

Screen shot
Blast aliens back to their home planet in this retro clasic!

Object of the Game

For some of those who haven't played this classic game(or maybe not recognize it?) here is the low down... you kill as many aliens as you possibly can. You guide your ship at the bottom of the screen and try to stop the aliens from taking over the earth and enslave us to do some horrible alien acts(or something). You are given 3 ships to do this with and you need to stop as many aliens as possible. The game can end in two ways. One, if you run out ships, your game is over. Two, if the aliens reach the bottom the screen where your ship is, thats it, they have landed and you lose, even if you have ships in reserve.
Have fun!


Features joystick support and double buffering.
Compiled with Borland Turbo C 3.0
Also this isn't a 1:1 clone of the Tatio classic. Any hardcore player will pick up the differences quickly, but the biggest one being that all the sprites(exluding the mystery ship) are 8x8 where in the arcade version the only sprite that is that size is the top row of aliens. There are enough programs that can emulate the actual game that if someone was looking for the real deal, they would go that route anyway. I just wanted to kick something fun together.

Where Is the sound?

Well, there is no sound. Since DOS is cold in the ground(for some time now) learning to program for the hardware would be to time consuming to learn for OS that virtually everyone has stopped programming for. I have found some info that if I really wanted to hack in some sound, I probally could(and maybe will). Until then it will be silent.

Download - 36k - 11-02-00 - The game and C source code.

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