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This isn't the best picture, but it isn't the worst. All in all it gives you an idea of what I look like.

I work at a "Mart" store. You know, one of the stores that has poorly made merchandise at low prices and the employees wear a vest for the really stupid customers so they can figure out who is an employee and who is a fellow dolt.

Right now I reside in the smack middle of Iowa in a place called Des Moines. If you aren't familiar with it, don't worry, you really aren't missing anything. To give you an idea of Iowa, the biggest sporting event to hit here in the past few years was the PGA senior tour. You might think it is sad that people would actually pay to see geriatric golf, but for it to be the number one sporting event in the state, is just pathetic. Yes people, Des Moines is dead. Oh, and we also lost our Arena Football team(two or more steps below the NFL leage where Kurt Warner came from) to New York. Now we get a minor leage Arena Football team, which I am guessing is more or less the little leage version of Football.

Gore is a crook, but I am sure he will make a hell of a car salesman

New favorite phrase: Same crap, different fork.

Oh yeah, for a hobby I make little computer games. I am currently working on Ziel (which is a game similar to Zelda) and I am reworking it. I am also making an editor for it so even a non computer person can easily edit the game.

Art is another hobby of mine, but now has mostly been combined with my games. Though I should start doing some more freehand drawings, game art will have to suffice for now.

Inline skating and the outdoors are good too.

I stole the flag pic from Dick G's Flag link page.

Off brand VCRs and CD players are junk, trust me, I sell them.

I asume that if you got this far you like to read or want to stalk me, either way I am flattered.

- Jay Cook
AOL IM: Mo Fu Jay