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An action/adventure where you take the role of a young adventurer named Ziel

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    Ziel is on hold right now until further notice. For the past few months I have put aside PC programming in favor of programming for the Gameboy Advance. Ziel will most likely be moved to the Gameboy Advance, but it will have to wait a few months until another project is finished. If you want to check out my Gameboy Advance stuff, go to
    Slowly but surely Ziel is still being worked on and I hope to have it out sometime between August and December. I am planning on adding a scripting engine to control events in the game. I also am going to start working on adding sound and music to it, so hopefully I can find some tunes that will fit. The game will be Windows based using Direct X 6.1, and maybe a dos release(without sound). I may also look into porting it to Windows CE, but that might come later then sooner(if at all). For the game, I am designing a new world from scratch and I have also given it a background story. Check back later for more info.
    I have taken up working on Ziel again and there will be a complete game out by late Summer. I have redone a lot of the code and created a new ZielEd which is a lot easier to use and has mouse support. It will be released for Windows and maybe other platforms depending on how smooth everything goes. Check back in a few months for a new site, new demo, and a new Ziel.
    Fixed some bugs in the C version, get the new one at the bottom of the page.
    The Qbasic version of Ziel ranked 16 out 27 Qbasic RPGs, not bad for being almost 2 years old. Check out the site HERE.
    Released the first C version of Ziel, v.80.

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There are a few different parts you should check out depending on what you are looking for.
Info on the C version
Info on the QBasic version
Info on the tools and editing

Ziel GuyDownload - 56k - 10-01-99 - v.83 - C version with executable