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This is the second version of Ziel which is written using Turbo C++ 3.0. The game features 10(12 if you include the life bar and title) on screen sprites max, with no flicker. It also uses a custom font with upper and lower case support. Plus it will scroll the screen whenever you move to a new room.
The game plays similar Legend of Zelda, with a flexable engine to change many parts of the game without touching the code. Also, the program is pretty stable too.


-If the map file is not in the right format, the game will quit
-The memory check at the beginning of the program might fail
-Screen scrolling is way to slow
-Object.lst file needs to have spaces between variables name and commas

Whats going in next?

Probally clean up a lot of the code and try to make it faster. Another thing I am hoping to add is joystick support. The last thing I will look into is sound. I am going to try to port the sound code that was in the Qbasic version which hopefully won't be too hard. Another thing I am going to add are some kind of menus, options, and some form of saving. Also I need to redo the map maker so it is easier to use and has mouse support so maps won't take an hour to make. Plus I am going to make some more graphics tiles(and possibly up the number of tiles to 100) to make it look nicer.

Other credits

All of the programming was done myself with the following exceptions.
PC Game Programming Explorer(book) - Keyboard input

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