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Best of ABC award Screen shot

Qbasic version


This version is the first version of Ziel which was written completely in Qbasic. No asm, no libraries, just pure Qbasic. The game features 10 sprites max on screen with little to no flicker. There is also FM sound effects with code and samples provided by Angelo Mottola. Since it is written in Qbasic, you can play it in Qbasic(though you would need to run setup and change to Qbasic mode instead of Quick Basic mode).

The game plays similar Legend of Zelda, with a flexable engine to change many parts of the game without touching the code. Another thing is the code itself is very stable. The only time I have seen the program fail is when it can't find a file it is looking for.

The Qbasic version has won the Best of ABC award as being noted as one the top Qbasic games being submitted. Also Ziel has ranked number 16 of 27 Qbasic RPGs.
And if you feel like it, you can check out the log file here.


-The scrolling palette(waterfall and fireplace)turns black on some video cards
-When you are in DOS(not DOS mode but pure DOS) it does wierd things when you move the mouse(Doesn't do this when in Windows)
-Sometimes when you kill a guy and recieve an object, it flies back.
-Sometimes when you hit a guy at the same time he hits you, there will be an imprint of the guy on the screen(becoming part of the background).
-Sometimes when you get hit, you might fly off screen to new screen and won't be able to move until you get hit.
-For enemies that move diagnal(that can not walk through walls) can get stuck in the walls


Jay Cook - Everything but what is listed below
Angelo Mottola - sound samples and sound code from SoundLab 1.0
Eric Carr - timer sync code from Spinball
Jason Downey - Rewrote some of the tools

Download - 130k - 11-02-97 - Qbasic version, source and exe - 150k - ?-??-98 - Tools for editing Ziel(some by Jason Downey)

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