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Run around and kill escape convicts, fun for all!


There has been a huge break on death row, and these cons have just given themselves a personal pardon. The inmates have over turned the place and are escaping left and right. About 2:30am, you get a call to help "control the situation". So you grab your old friend, your shotgun, and head out. Outside of death row, there are convicts running left and right. You grip "old reliable" tight, and send those bastards to and early grave. Who says two wrongs don't make a right?


Features joystick support and double buffering. When you kill a certain amount of bad guys, more come out. Still no sound, but runs flicker free on a 386sx 16mhz.

Currently there are two versions out. One(the first one) is written in Qbasic. The second one is written in Borland C++ 3.0. The main difference between the two is the C version is a little faster, has double buffering, has up to 3 bad guys, and joystick support.

The coding for the C version is not all that great. But it is my first C app. So you probally wont find anything great in there.
The keyboard and joystick routines were nabbed from the book PC Game Programming Explorer. The bitmap loading routines were grabbed from 256 Color Programming in C web page. Everything else was done by me, myself, and I.

Download - 31k - 4-30-98 - C version binary(executable). - 13k - 4-30-98 - The source code. You need the file above too. - 45k - 9-20-97 - The QBasic version, source and executable.