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Programming the Gameboy

The system the has been around for 10 years and could be around for another 10 years. It is a handheld system that is similar to the 8-bit Nintendo system but in 4 colors(well the Color Gameboy has 32,768 colors with 150 max on screen). The thing I like about programming on the Gameboy(which would apply to most game consoles) is that you don't have to program your own graphics functions, you just tell the sprites where to go and what they do and you are good to go. Of course on the flip side of the coin, you have an 8-bit CPU and limited memory, in both RAM and storage, you could really strugle to put something snazy together.

I use a C compiler called the Gameboy developement kit(or GBDK for short).
And also use Gameboy Dev Studio for coding.
Check out another cool Gameboy game using GBDK called JetPak DX
Though I haven't really programmed anything thing that would test the system, I did write one game for it called RoaderGB.

Go here for RoaderGB