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C Programming

C, this is probally the most used programming language with Home PC's. There are a few things that make C programming so popular. First off, it is portable, meaning you can take the code from one OS to another(to a point). Another is that C code can be pretty fast. Also it is fairly easy to use(at least compared to assembly). So you can make fast complex routines with a good deal of speed.

Check out the different things I have programmed and other links that might aid you with your C programs.

All of my C programs are done in Borland Turbo C++ 3.0. Yes it is for DOS and yes it is a 16-bit compiler, but it gets the job done(for now at least). A good book I have found is PC Game Programming Explorer. It is an older book but has a lot of good information.

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    This is an action adventure game similar to Zelda, check it out!!

    Run around and kill escaped convicts, fun for all!!

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